Big Island

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The Big Island of Hawaii is just that: big. It covers 4,038 square miles and runs 95 miles north to south and 80 miles east to west. Even though, at 800,000 years old, it’s the youngest of all the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island is twice the size of all the other major islands combined and accounts for 63 percent of the total land in the archipelago. Lava continues to flow from the island’s fiery Kilauea Volcano, adding more than 560 acres of new land since its last eruption in 1983. 

Given its size, Hawaii is quite diverse — much of the west side looks barren, with miles of black-colored lava fields, while the east side is more green and lush with tropical plants and trees. Sandwiched between both coasts, Mauna Kea introduces an alpine twist with its snowcapped peaks at 13,796 feet. The island’s most luxurious accommodations, dreamiest beaches, and best golf courses are north along the Kohala Coast.